Brand EATON UPS System On Line UPS Eaton Make 2 KVA 1:1 Phase On-Line UPS With Internal Batteries - 9E Series

Eaton Make 2 KVA 1:1 Phase On-Line UPS With Internal Batteries - 9E Series

9E-IN 2K

UPS System On Line UPS

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Eaton 9E-IN (1-3 kVA)

New Eaton 9E-IN is a true online double conversion UPS system that affordably provides Robust, Reliable, Compact and Efficient Power Management Solution for Mission Critical Application from downtime, data-loss. Eaton 9E-IN delivers more power in a limit space and saves energy cost due to it’ highly efficiency design and offers efficiency > 91% in online mode. Eaton 9E-IN perfectly fits harsh Indian environmental and power condition and Provide much stronger protection on inrush current and it improves it’s adapatability to grid power condition

Product Performance and its Benefits.

  • High Performance
  • True Online Double Conversion

    True Input PF 0.99

    True output PF 0.8

    Output THDv 2%

    Higher Power Density

    Higher Power Density

    Support Critical Virtualization

  • High Reliability and Adaptability
  • Wide Input Voltage Range 110 to 300 Vac

    Inbuilt Hardware Current Limit Technology

    Upgraded Phase Lock Algorithm

    Inbuilt Over-voltage Cut-off Device

    Inbuilt Over Temperature Protection

    Up to 50 Degree Celsius operation @50% Load (Specific to XL Model)

    Better Overload Protection upto 105% Constant

  • High Flexibility and Availability
  • Adjustable Charging Current 2A-10 Amps

    Better Short Ckt Handling Capacity.

    Auto Fault Recovery.

    Conformal Coated Boards.

    More Accessories.

    Major Application

  • Networking/Server/Storage.
  • Wiring Closets.
  • Wiring Closets.
  • Industrial Automation Control.
  • Industrial Automation Control.
  • ATM/Telecom/Railway Signalling.

  • Reset default


    Eaton 9E-IN - 1-3 KVA Features
    General Features
    IGBT Based Rectifier True Online Double Conversion Robust design
    Wide input voltage range: 160~300VAC @ 100% load(linearly derating to 50% load @ 100VAC input).
    Generator Compatible with Wide Input voltage window
    Double Conversion Efficiency >91% & ECO mode efficiency up to 98%
    100% load @ 0~40C operating temp
    Active Input Power Factor Correction 0.99.
    O/P power factor 0.9 (O/P power factor 0.8 for long backup model)
    Inbuilt OVCD (Over Voltage Cut-off device)
    Fully conform coated PCBA adaptable to harsh environment
    Offer terminal blocker on 2K/3K rating to connect to big capacity equipment
    Digital Charger Technology provide 02-10 A charging current.
    Easy understanding LCD for convenient installation setup
    WINPOWER software support virtualization transfer application Intelligent Monitoring options.


    Output Specification
    Output Capacity (KVA )
    2 Kva
    Output Capacity (KW )
    1.8 Kw
    Output Power Factor
    0.9 Power Factor
    Output Phase
    1 Phase
    Output Voltage
    230 Volt
    Other Output Voltage
    220 Or 240 Volt
    Efficiency at Full Load
    > 95 %
    Output Voltage Distortion
    <3 %
    Output Frequency (sync to mains)
    50/60Hz +/- 3 Hz
    Load Crest Factor
    Output Voltage THD
    <5 %
    Output Waveform type
    Sine Wave
    Output Connections
    Hard Wire 3-wire (1PH+ N + G) & IEC 320 C13
    UPS Parallel Upto
    Not Available
    General Specifications
    Flexible Battery Option
    Isolation Transformer
    Paralleling Options
    Not Available
    Rack Mounting Kit
    Not Available
    Paralleling Kit for Synchronising
    Not Available
    Input Specification
    Input Voltage
    230 Volt
    Other Input Voltage
    220 Or 240 Volt
    Input Phase
    1 Phase
    Input frequency
    50/60Hz +/- 3 Hz
    Input Voltage Range (Output Derated)
    100 - 300 Volt
    Input voltage range for main operations
    176 - 300 Volt
    Input frequency Range
    45 - 55 Hz
    Input Power Factor
    >0.99 None
    Input Connections
    3-Pin 6A Indian Socket
    Batteries & Runtime
    Battery DC Bus
    48 VDC
    Maximum Charger Capacity
    Battery Position Option
    Internal Battery Capacity (VAH)
    432 VAH
    Battery Type Compatibility
    SMF Battery
    Approved Battery Capacity (AH)
    9 - Amp.
    Communication & Management
    Control panel
    LCD Display
    SNMP Management
    Power Management Software
    Audible noise at 1 meter from surface of unit
    <40 Decibal
    Maximum Height
    327 Mm
    Maximum Width
    190 Mm
    Maximum Depth
    399 Mm
    Net Weight
    17.4 Kg
    Operating Temperature
    0 - 40 °C
    Operating Relative Humidity
    0 - 95 % Rh
    Other Specifications
    Double Conversion Online


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