Brand EATON UPS Accesories SNMP Card Eaton Make SNMP Card for 1-3 KVA 9E Series UPS

Eaton Make SNMP Card for 1-3 KVA 9E Series UPS


UPS Accesories SNMP Card

Price: 11210

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Eaton Network Card-MS

The Eaton Network Card-MS allows an Eaton UPS to directly connect to the Ethernet network and the Internet, supporting real-time monitoring and control of UPSs across the network via a standard Web browser, SNMP-compliant network management system or power management software

Eaton Network Card-MS – Features

  • Provides versatile support through HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, Telnet, SSL and SSH compatibility
  • Enables remote management of a UPS or rebooting of protected devices over SNMP/Web
  • Facilitates customizable actions including automatic shutdown in the event of an extended power failure with Intelligent Power Protector
  • Enables data and event logging
  • Allows you to receive email/SMS notification of alerts
  • Delivers measurement of humidity and temperature with the optional Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP)

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    Maximum Height
    42 Mm
    Maximum Width
    66 Mm
    Maximum Depth
    132 Mm
    Net Weight
    0.7 Kg
    Operating Temperature
    0 - 40 °C
    Operating Relative Humidity
    5 - 95 % Rh

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