Brand EXIDE Batteries SMF Batteries Exide Make SMF BATTERIES 12V-26 AH (NXT Series)

Exide Make SMF BATTERIES 12V-26 AH (NXT Series)

NXT 26-12

Batteries SMF Batteries

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Deep cycle application. Fast recovery from deep recharge. Extended cycle life. Fast recharge capability. Excellent charge retention. International size. Free from orientation constraints. Eco – friendly..

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Maximum Height
179 Mm
Maximum Width
124 Mm
Maximum Depth
178 Mm
Net Weight
8.8 Kg
Technical Specifications
Nominal Voltage (V)
12 Volt
AH Capacity @ 20 Hr rate at 27° C to 1.75 VPC
26 Amp.
Batteries Recharge Time upto 90%
< Hrs.
Maximum Charger Capacity
< %
Float Voltage @ 27° C
Boost Voltage @ 27° C
Terminal Type
Material of Container


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