Brand EXIDE Batteries SMF Batteries Exide Make SMF BATTERIES 12V-150 AH (EP Series)

Exide Make SMF BATTERIES 12V-150 AH (EP Series)

EP 12-150

Batteries SMF Batteries

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Manufactured in technical collaboration with Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Co. Japan, maker of world-renowned Hitachi batteries, Exide (India) Industries Ltd. is an ISO 9001 Organisation


Over 60 years accumulated Experience of Research & Development, field operation & feedback

Manufacturing Base

The only company having multilocational manufacturing units spresd across the country with ultra large manufacturing capacities.


Factory fresh batteries, whenever and whenever you need them. VRLA batteries come in factory charged condition and thus, the fresher they are, the better.

Eco - friendly Company

ISO 14001, TS 16949, OHSAS 18001 certifications.Ensuring eco-friendly production process. The only company having own smelting house and large network to collect and recycle used batteries to avoid environmental damage.

Recycle Symbol

The batteries manufactured both for domestic and export are labelled with the recycle symbol.

Safety Conscious

Underwritters Laboratories Inc, USA certification for the products are available as an option.


  • Sealed Maintenance Free
  • No need for checking Electrolyte level and topping throughout its life. Sealed Construction ensures no leakage or seepage of electrolyte from terminal or casing

  • Free From Orientation Constraints
  • The sealed construction with immobilised electro-lyte allows the battery to be installed in any position, horizontal vertical sideways – without any effect on its performance

  • Eco Friendly
  • The unique gas was recombination technology effectively nullifies generation of gas during normal use, It is totally eco – friendly, ensuring clean and safe environment.

  • Minimal Voltage Drop
  • Since battery emits no gasses or fumes .It can be placed adjacent to the UPS system or other electronic equipment , ensuring minimal voltage drop between battery and equipment.

  • Easy Handling –Easy Installation
  • Lightweight and compact and commission.

  • Ready To Use
  • Available in fully (factory ) charged condition

  • Good Service Life
  • Between 3 to 5 Years life for small and medium monoblock range (EP RANGE ) depending on cyclic / float applications.

  • Low self Discharge
  • Self discharge very low as compared to conventional flooded batteries.

  • Charge Retention & Recovery
  • Excellent charge retention and recovery ability due to special design of plates and separations with an absolutely balanced electrolyte

  • Superior High Rate Discharge
  • Very Low internal resistance and very high electrolyte – active material reactive interface – allows very high currents for short and medium duration.

  • High Reliability
  • Tough construction and heavy duty design with superior corrosion resistant lead calcium In alloy.

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    Maximum Height
    240 Mm
    Maximum Width
    172 Mm
    Maximum Depth
    557 Mm
    Net Weight
    48.3 Kg
    Technical Specifications
    Nominal Voltage (V)
    12 Volt
    AH Capacity @ 20 Hr rate at 27° C to 1.75 VPC
    150 Amp.
    Batteries Recharge Time upto 90%
    < 10 Hrs.
    Maximum Charger Capacity
    < 20 %
    Float Voltage @ 27° C
    13.5 Volt
    Boost Voltage @ 27° C
    13.75 Volt
    Terminal Type
    Material of Container


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