Brand AMARON Batteries SMF Batteries Quanta ( Amaron ) Make SMF BATTERIES 12V-26 AH

Quanta ( Amaron ) Make SMF BATTERIES 12V-26 AH


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Amaron Quanta

It is a Product of world class battery technology produced and tested in Amara Raja’s premier VRLA manufacturing facility. A market leader in just 10 years, Amaron Quanta is a preferred 12V VRLA SMF battery brand by most of India’s reputed UPS manufacturers and customers across various segments like Banks, IT Companies, BPOs, Industries, Government Departments, Hospital, and Education Institutes etc.

AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat where the electrolyte in the cell is locked in a fiberglas mat between the plates. This valve regulated lead acid technology is low maintenance because it never needs watering

Innovative Features

  • PPCP Containers with Low permeability to ensure that there is no water loss.
  • Side wall design to maintain structural integrity in high operating temperatures.
  • High Compression Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Separator for greater than 98% recombination efficiency.
  • Heavy duty L terminal best suited to carry high rate discharges.
  • Highly reliable one way self resealing safety vent seal.
  • MFX alloy grid for high design life in float @ 27° C with maximum cyclic life.
  • FLAPPON Terminal protecting system to prevent short circuits.
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling.
  • Grouping the plates by Cast-On-Strap leads to integral lead crystals provides superior corrosion resistance to negative strap.
  • Superior high rate discharge with low internal resistance.

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    Maximum Height
    176 Mm
    Maximum Width
    126 Mm
    Maximum Depth
    167 Mm
    Net Weight
    9 Kg
    Technical Specifications
    Nominal Voltage (V)
    12 Volt
    AH Capacity @ 20 Hr rate at 27° C to 1.75 VPC
    26 Amp.
    Batteries Recharge Time upto 90%
    > 10 Hrs.
    Maximum Charger Capacity
    10 %
    Float Voltage @ 27° C
    13.5 Volt
    Boost Voltage @ 27° C
    13.8 Volt
    Terminal Type
    L Terminal (B6)
    Material of Container
    Standard Warranty
    24 Month(S)


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